Jun Wang
jun wang


About Me

My name is Jun Wang. I come from Nanjing China and currently I am a graduate visual communication design student at ASU. I spent my first three years of college in China and the fourth year in New York Institute of Technology. My undergrad major is Communication Art which focuses on video production including shooting, editing and after effect. Now I am graduate visual communication design student at ASU. 

I love movie and story telling. I also have passion on visual communication design and that is why I chose to come to ASU and study visual communication design after graduation in 2015. I like working with cool and creative people because I always see something that I still need to learn from them.

I am also a popping dancer and love music. I used to be shy and don't know how to express myself but popping really changed me a lot. It brought me so much fun to get down into music and I will keep doing it.